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  1. heat pump leaks

    Hey, I think it's about 5% give or take, and in the first two years (after the warranty is up, of course), and those are the Carrier/Climate Master units. Good to know that FHP is just as bad. Sounds...
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    55 degrees is a good number, but that's if the...

    55 degrees is a good number, but that's if the return air is at a reasonable temp, the filter's clean, ect. There are a lot of variables, but 66 does sound high.
  3. Which brands are best for water source heat pumps?

    I have been putting Carrier/Climate Master (water source heat pump) units in, & a few have had evap leaks within the first couple years. I would think this shouldn't be acceptable. A few others have...
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    water source heat pumps

    I am looking for any info on quality of new water source heat pumps. I have had a few carrier & climate master units that have had evap leaks in the first few years, and I'm wondering if there are...
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