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    I'm a consumer who has been doing major...

    I'm a consumer who has been doing major improvements to a 30 year old house. I have turned to this type of board for guidance in making choices concerning roofs, windows, and now HVAC. The guidance...
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    Refrigerant line size and air returns

    We are looking to replace 5-ton AC unit and 30 y/0 furnace. We are trying to qualify for local utility rebates and need to have functional 15 SEER, variable stage, and manual J completed. I have...
  3. in response to 150,000 BTU furnace

    Furnace is original to house being built in 1978, we bought the house 3 years ago. We have had an energy efficiency study done and have more than adequate insulation. There are several other...
  4. Does a new 2 stage HVAC unit need fancy Aprilaire?

    We have rec'd quotes on Lennox, Bryant, American Standard, and lastly, Amana HVAC units to replace 30 y/0 Lennox 150,000 BTU (yes, that's right, 150,000) gas furnace and 10 y/o Tempstar 8(?) SEER 5...
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