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    Wait you have a Stationary Engineer License and...

    Wait you have a Stationary Engineer License and RMO certificate?
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    I got my ticket in Dec. 2007 and had a tough time...

    I got my ticket in Dec. 2007 and had a tough time finding employment especially considering that my experience was in construction and not HVAC. I applied to every operator/engineer position I could...
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    I'm already a refrigeration Machine Operator but...

    I'm already a refrigeration Machine Operator but I've only had me refer ticket for 2 years anyways. I Thought janitors cleaned up puke and mopped floors? Call me a janitor, maintenance guy whatever...
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    Stationary Engineer NYC

    First off I would like to thank everyone who responded to my previous posts. I tried calling the licensing hotline for nyc and I got no where. I wanted to know if having a refrigeration engineer...
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    NYC Refrigeration Watch Engineer Question

    Hi all in the HVAC industry. I got my NYC refer license in dec 2007 and have little experience in the HVAC field so it is understandable that I had a tough time gaining employment. Anyways I...
  6. Looking for a Job as a NYC Refrigeration Engineer

    Any one have any tips on finding employment? Local 30 and local 94 have no work and they wouldn't even accept my resume. I went to Turner School and I have had my refer ticket for well over a year...
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  8. How do you become a professional member on this forum?

  9. Looking for a Refrigeration Machine Operator job

    I've had my qualification for refrigerating system operating engineer for 3 months and I've been having trouble finding any jobs out there. Does anyone know of any good places to look.
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