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  1. wireless extension cord. if you could figure that...

    wireless extension cord. if you could figure that out you could be a billionaire.
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    what is the orientation of the pump? horizontal...

    what is the orientation of the pump? horizontal or vertical?
    Is failure on same pump or multiple pumps in bldg.?
  3. low back pressure/medium back pressure question

    Can someone explain the difference between low back pressure/medium back pressure/high back pressure.
    See highlighted portion of document for example. Thanks
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    Carrier 3V,CCN controls

    I have the following for sale

    1--- Carrier 33ZCFANCOL fan coil controller. New inbox
    1--- Carrier 33ZCVAVTRM vav controller. New in box.
    1--- Carrier TELINK module. CEPL130256. Used.

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    J & J Worldwide Services

    Anyone work or had any dealings with this company? They specialize in military contracts.
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    Carrier controls for sale

    Carrier universal controller --nib
    Carrier 3v vav controller --nib
    Carrier 3v fan coil controller--- nib
    Carrier Telink module -- used

    p.m if interested in any or all parts
  8. Got an account with Carrier distributor? Want to make some money?
    I have a working Terminal System Manager 2 Plus module, credit is 700.00 for a good module.
    I do not have an account...
  9. thanks for the help. i had everything correct...

    thanks for the help. i had everything correct except the closed relay(did not have it configured correctly as a do slave point)
    Got it working. I could have changed the actuators to 2-10vdc but i...
  10. Carrier universal controller programming help

    Anyone have a universal controller with a DO/FLOATING POINT COOLING VALVE programmed that i can get the file from?
    Having a hard time figuring the programming out.
  11. Carrier vav controllers,modules,boards,sensors

    The following controls removed from carrier 35DC vav boxes with electric heat--

    1 Carrier autodial gateway 3
    1 Carrier telink module
    1 CarrierCarrier 33cs network access module
    1 ...
  12. 400.00 free shipping

    400.00 free shipping
  13. carrier terminal system manager/comfort air manager

    I have 2 working air manager boards and 1 terminal system manager module if anyone is interested.
    P.M. me or e-mail me(check profile)
  14. Bump. still for sale

    Bump. still for sale
  15. Carrier gen 2 vvt controls for sale

    I have the following Carrier gen 2 vvt controls for sale. All devices were removed from a working system.

    1-16 zone monitor stat with timeclock (MST16ES)
    1- 16 zone monitor stat without...
  16. ...
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    do you have access to a wattmaster handheld...

    do you have access to a wattmaster handheld programmer?(needed to access programming)could be something as simple as a configuration error.
    Plus you can test all outputs and verify operation....
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    Alco expansion valve size???

    Figured i would post in refrigeration forum being it is an expansion valve

    alco power element # XC726hw2B
    cage # X9144B9B

    It is used on a chiller r-22
    Any idea what the tonnage on this valve...
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    controls are sold.

    controls are sold.
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    Carrier controls and software

    Carrier universal controller new in box P/n 33UNIVCTRL-01 200.00

    Carrier flowtronic software (floppy disk, telebyte converter,cabling,power supply) 150.00

    Carrier telelink complete unit. Used...
  21. linesets less than 100' evaporators above...

    linesets less than 100'
    evaporators above condensers (15-20ft.)
    40 ton system has double riser that is correctly piped with oil trap and inverted trap

    50 ton system has only an oil trap
  22. suction line pressure drop question

    noticed this on two different jobs, different locations. 40 ton split system and 50 ton split system. each system had compressor(s) failures, so while system s were down i sweated in access fittings...
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    Refrigerant relief valve question

    2 techs -- 2 different opinions
    refrigerant relief valve leaking by. wired to the body of relief valve is a lead disk.
    i say that the purpose of lead disk/wire is a safety seal put on after...
  24. I have a gen3 monitor stat without time clock ....

    I have a gen3 monitor stat without time clock . It should be backwards compatible to a gen2 monitor stat.

    let me know if interested.
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    Last chance to buy. Price reduced to 200.00....

    Last chance to buy. Price reduced to 200.00.
    Cost 800.00 new.
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