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  1. That sounds about right.

    It does indeed go about 3-5 per hour. I'll have to watch it more carefully. Still looking into a new unit "just in case".
  2. Heat pump/AC unit: What are "normal" run times & another oversized/undersized ?

    Hi all-

    Got some great idea here & thought I'd ask a question or 2. A little background, first: 10 yr old 3K sf house +/- with oil furnace & 5 ton heat pump. Furnace is oversized Williamson 1...
  3. Perhaps I spoke too soon...... Seems the problem is back.

    Oh, well. I was again in the basement. Heard the heat pump turn on. No problem. It runs & shuts off. I hear it again a little while later. After a few minutes I hear the oil furnace kick back on. ...
  4. Update: the tech's best guess was a DPDT relay.

    A pleasant & well versed man in his late 20s showed up and appreciated my color diagrams of the wiring made when the dual fuel control board was installed. Was about 85+% sure I had an intemittently...
  5. An interesting theory-- I've only seen the defrost cycle once in 10 years.

    The furnace is cleaned & checked yearly, although I generally do the nozzle & quick clean on the oil water heater myself as it is simple enough. I compressor, a Lennox, is checked every few years....
  6. Let's see what happens in the morning: Scheduled an appointment.

    I'll let people know what happened. Of course, it wasn't happening when I turned it on......
  7. I appreciate the advice & suspect you guessed the issue. Wish you guys aren't local!

    You gentlemen most certainly did not fall short. You gave honest & thoughtful advice to a stranger asking for help. That is much appreciated. Such is rare and the type of contractor I gladly hire.
  8. I might do just that!

    I've actually had comments on the BMW before and more. I've heard "they can afford it" when they aren't aware I can hear them. I'll pay what is fair, not what someone thinks they can get away with.
  9. Thanks. Not in the least trying to be difficult or seek a freebie (more)

    I was hoping to gain a little understanding on what to look for, as I'm one of those who likes to understand things & hire a good tech when needed. Few homeowners would even notice that both were on,...
  10. I would prefer a pro, but have had difficulty finding good people.

    I am FAR from cheap (just look in my garage :) and will pay for quality. But, I have run into "parts changers" & those who take a look in said garage & then jack up the price.

    I did have a...
  11. The last time I did that I put someone's kid through college!

    Very tough to get a "pro" in who is 1) actually a pro, 2) knows what they are doing, 3) will show up at something approaching on time and 4) At a reasonable price, which I will gladly pay for quality...
  12. What component went wrong: BOTH heat pump & Oil furnace came on.

    Noticed something odd today. Heard the heat come on as it still in the 50s here in the People's Republic of NY. Normally I wouldn't have thought much of this, but was surprised when I realized I...
  13. Yes, I have seen run times of 10 minutes or so on occasion

    I never really knew what the definition of short cycling is!
  14. I am a 3rd kind of customer.

    I am in neither category and am not simplistic like #1 nor overly fussy like #2. Instead, I want the best overall VALUE, even if it costs more. A 10% greater cost yielding a 25% greater value is OK...
  15. Indeed I do have oil. I have debated ad nauseum oil vs. propane.

    I do in fact have an oil furnace. Still thinking about propane, but have all but ruled it out after research showed oil to less expensive than propane for all but the last 2 or 3 of the preceding 30+...
  16. Now there is some wisdom!

    Hit the nail on the head. Repeatedly.
  17. Very interesting, beenthere. I am not alone, I see! Who makes such a furnace?

    I sensed I was not alone. There has to be others who need airflow, but not 50 kazillion btus as well.

    Might I ask what companies make hot air furnaces in the 100K btu range which an accommodate a...
  18. Unfortunately, these only TWO of the 10-12 people I called would do an Man. J!!

    Nobody wants to do it. ALL wanted to do "ballparks", except one. He did a full computer analysis, which is where I got the figure from. It factors in duct loses, etc and appears to my untrained eyes...
  19. Is it possible to avoid an oversized furnace despite a need for more airflow?

    Here is my dilemma: Per the heat calcs done I need about 56K btu of cooling and a max of 75 or so of heating. To be safe, some suggested a slightly larger furnace.

    My current hot air furnace puts...
  20. I called Williamson, who made my furnace, and was told "no nozzles changes". (more)

    I reason per the tech guy I talked to is that a lower than the std 1 gal per hour nozzle will cause the combustion chamber to run too cool and form condensation that will eventually kill it. He was...
  21. Very interesting and, to a layman, counterintuitive.

    One would think that operating at a lower stage would be more efficient in addition to possible comfort benefits.

    I must look into the multi stage oil furnaces. Got any favorites or...
  22. How about this to throw a wrench into the discussion: Propane furnaces are stageable.

    How about this as a possibility:

    From what I can see many propane furnaces have 3 stages to better accommodate different requirements. The Carrier i was looking at would work at 45,75 and 100K btu...
  23. Good catch! I do indeed have a hot air furnace. I see this a hotly debated issue (m)

    I do in fact have a hot air furnace, which is definitely oversized. Both heat calcs I had done showed about 75K as the max needed. My furnace has a nonchangeable nozzle putting out 1 gph, or about...
  24. Replies

    I was talking about the top line model w/ a scroll.

    Yes, I saw from the literature that the lesser models use piston compressors. Such seems far more complicated and prone to failure in my admittedly inexperienced eyes. I'll wager that we'd see...
  25. Replies

    My own "seat of the pants" research reveals startling similarities (more)

    From what I can see based on Hallowell's own published figures the COP for both high (47) and low (17) are only marginally higher than the Carrier. The HSPF is also the same, although the SEER rating...
  26. Replies

    The problem with the Acadia is, IMO, is that is too damned expensive. (m)

    I priced a full Carrier Infinity oil or propane w/ the top line heat pump and it was a good 5-7K LESS than the Acadia. Were the Acadia more affordable and not what appears to be horribly overpriced...
  27. Arghhh.. another variable! :) Just when I thought I was starting to "get it".

    Damn--another variable. :eek:

    I have no idea if the ducts are good, bad or indifferent. In fact, I had a hard enough time getting a guy to do a "Manual J" calc. That was like pulling teeth. Can't...
  28. Anyone have any ideas on this? I've spent ANOTHER hour researching this found nothing

    There has to be a relationship between over sizing and waste- the question is: How much?
  29. True, larobj, but what puzzles me is the historical cost of propane vs. oil.

    I see your point, but what puzzles me is that until just 2-3 years ago propane was pretty much ALWAYS more than oil! In short, what happened to change this and why? If things go back to the way they...
  30. How much does an oversized furnace waste? Can downsizing save enough to replace?

    Yet another question here that has me stumped despite a fair amount of research. I suspect this issue may help many others, hence my thread.

    Background: I have a 2800sf home in NY heated with a...
  31. Is there a "right" answer to oil vs. propane? I'm stuck despite HOURS of research.

    Sorry for yet another oil vs. propane post, but I've spent quite literally HOURS researching this issue and have yet to reach a definitive answer.

    My question is deceptively simple: What am I...
  32. Damned if I can find that on the carrier site.

    I spent some time looking and must be blind. Couldn't find it in the least. :confused:

    Any ideas or might I impose on you to post a link? Thanks--
  33. Hmmm... Thus assumes I would use the same number of gallons. Hopefully I'd use less.

    It is indeed harder, hence my query. While 850 gallons of oil does equal 1116 of propane, I was hoping to see how much LESS a new system would use. In other words, if my clunky and oversized furnace...
  34. Can one estimate how much fuel/energy new equipment would use compared to old?

    I continue to mull new equipment to replace my 9 year old oil fired hot air furnace & Lennox heat pump, especially since there appears to be an unusually good opportunity for better pricing due to a...
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    Thanks much for the well versed reply

    I will likely do just that- wait till next year and see what happens. I lowered the changeover point to 29 from 45 as Lennox says the old unit should still be rather effective to even lower than...
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    So why even offer dual stage units?

    Almost every single sales drone or contractor I have interviewed touts multi stage equipment as the 2nd coming. All say that a lesser demand merits a lesser input. They tell me "why run a full 5...
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    I do not follow how a lower stage would not save money.

    Let us assume that a given unit has, say a full 90,000 output and runs at 60,000 on the first stage (numbers made up). What if the home only NEEDS 60,000 since it is not yet bitter cold and only...
  38. Thanks, Jack- Could I ask a follow up?

    Thanks, Jack- We are indeed fairly similar. Might I ask how much oil you have been using with this system? How bad is your electric bill? I suspect we are close enough that I could draw some general...
  39. Thanks, Dan. I figured my issues would resonate as they likely affect many.

    OK, here we go:

    I am now getting yet a few more estimates to see where things stand, but am leaning towards doing nothing except lower the set point for a year & see how it goes. A new system...
  40. I will ask him to do just this, but must add such is why he suggested a 2 stage unit.

    What you says makes sense, which is in part why the gentleman suggested a 2 stage unit, which would go into high gear, so to speak, only when needed. Trying to force a 5 ton load into only have the...
  41. Too true, BaldLonie. Only one guy would do an actual heat calc. Frustrating.

    Thanks for the input. You can see why I am so confused! I'll fill in a few blanks:
  42. Thanks and oops- Should have added the home info: It's 9 years old (m)

    The house is 9 years old, w R19 walls, R30 attic (I'll likely add another layer this fall when cooler) and with Anderson low E double paned windows. Can't really add more insulation except to the...
  43. Thanks for responding and thanks for taking all...

    Thanks for responding and thanks for taking all the time for getting through this. Extremely appreciated. I figure these same issues are affecting many others as well. Allow me to "fill in the...
  44. Help me decide, please. Do I "upgrade" or keep my old system?

    Hello, all- I'll warn you in advance that this is a little long. Hard to sacrifice accuracy for brevity. I could really use some 2nd opinions from the experts willing to read this!

    Thanks to a...
  45. A smaller nozzle was suggested, but the Mfgr, Williamson, said such was "a bad idea"

    This was suggested to me, but the Manufacturer, Williamson, said to NOT do it, supposedly since such would disrupt and eventually harm the unit--or so they said. They seemed sincere.

    I amy well...
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    What does digital TV have to do with HVAC/

    I do not follow this. Can you elaborate?
  47. I am no expert, but I believe a heat pump is indeed an option.

    Think this through- If a heat pump can heat down to 30 or so and leave the rest to fuels, wouldn't that save you quite a bit?
  48. Might it be possible to re-post the link? It is not coming up.

    Not sure what is happening, but every time I click the link it comes up empty. Might be my luck again!

    So far I've gotten a Carrier Infinity estimate, Hallowell pricing and just today met with a...
  49. Thanks, Gary-- Much appreciated

    Much appreciated. I am getting a few estimates & will see what the gang here thinks.
  50. Thread: Self Install

    by jws3

    Were finding a professional so easy...

    I am shopping for a new system to see if updating can, in the long run, save money. I originally thought I'd call 3-4 dealers and see what they say. This has expanded to several more as the first few...
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