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  1. Piston liquid line Making Loud Noise On Start Up Evaporartor Coil

    I have a client who has an r-22 electric system in his condo, the line set is about 50ft and goes up to a roof top condensing unit. His problem is at start up the liquid line at the air handler /...
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    Any size small doesn't matter just trying to find...

    Any size small doesn't matter just trying to find one that's 14 inches wide and 90% or greater!!
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    I need A 14 Wide 90% Efficent Furnace

    I Have A small Space and can only fit a 14 wide furnace in there because of a combustion air problem i need to fit a 90% efficient furnace. I know that Rheem, Goodman, and Lennox don't sell them!!
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